Thursday, December 30, 2010

Baby Blue Contact Lenses by Natural Touch

Baby Blue Contact Lenses by Natural Touch image gallery! For those of you who would just like to see how they look on a person before you decide to buy them!
The contact lens of choice used by Paris Hilton to turn her brown eyes blue.

Strong Constitution

Pale blue eyes that show a strong constitution according to iridological studies.

Inner Brown Blue Eyes

Blue eye color with brown inner iris around the pupil. Macros Photography.

Iridology Iris Pictures

Shots of blue and hazel eyes from an Iridologist that exhibit signs of illness in the body.


Medium Brown Iris

Medium brown iris with lighter circles on the outer iris.


Pale Blue Eyes with White Lines

Primarily blue eye color with shadings of blue-white.


Gray Eyes

Click on image for a higher resolution.
Gray eye macros photograph.

Blue and Brown Flecks

Denim blue with tiny brown flecks macros eye photo.

Grayish Blue Eyeb

Extreme closeup of a grayish blue iris.

Vivid Blue Eyes

Amazingly bright and vivid blue eye color macros photograph.

Muddy Dark Blue

Dark blue iris with some yellow brown near the pupil.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bright Blue Iris

Bright blue eye color

Brown Eyes Green Dash

Brown eyes with dashes of green.

Two Hazel Eyes

Two variations of hazel eyes macros shots.


Brown Iris

Close up of medium brown eye color.

Heterochromia Blue and Hazel Eyes

Heterochromia, one blue eye and one hazel eye.

Blue Contact Lens

Close up of brown eyes with blue contact lenses.

Blue to Lilac

Blue almost lilac eye color.

Some Dark Blue Eyes

Dark blue eye color.

Blone Lashes Blue Eyes

Palest blonde eye lashes surrounding very pale blue eyes.

Side View Blue

Blue eyes macro from the side.

Pale Blue Eye Color

Pale blue eye color.

Blue with Some Brown

Beautiful blue eyes with a brown top half.

Blue Eyes Pretty

Gorgeous blue eye color.

Heterochromic Macro Eyes

Beautiful heterochromic eye color. See the big difference in each eye color!


Voj Hazel Macros

Macros picture of delicate patterns in beautiful brown hazel eyes.

Macro Blue Eyes

Extreme close up, macro photography of a blue eye.
Amazing brown eyes. Check out how each eye from the same person has a completely different pattern! Just beautiful.


Blue Green Pale Eyes

Pale blue green eye color.

Suren Manvelyan

The most amazing macro eye photography collection by talented photographer Suren Manvelyan. A depiction of the amazingly beautiful eye scapes of various different individuals. Enjoy the beauty!