Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fxeyes Heaven Reviews

Lets have a look at an amazing bright green blue contact lens created by fxeyes.com

The description on their website:
A Bright Blue Green natural hand painted design with a gold brown starburst. Blue is toned down with some a true gray color. Might be to bright for some complections. Measurements for art work are 13.0 Iris with a 5.0 clear Pupil. When you order make sure to give us pupil and Iris size (all size are final). Fill out the information below to make sure we use your correct prescription.

and check out a video of the above image:

Fxeyes Heaven Contact Lenses Reviews:

An awesome video review:

Let's take a closer look at some screenshots of the Fxeyes Heaven Contact lens outside in natural light.

A closer look:

Your Review:
If you have used this specific contact lens please leave you review in the comments section below!!

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Anonymous said...

Just wondering if the heaven contacts in the last picture by SweetyPea57 were toned down. They look a little darker. ??